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Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching Revealed

A 12-lesson course by Jhian and the Way of Perfect Emptiness

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  • Description

This is the simplest guide to the Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching. We talk about Lao-tzu biography and his basic teachings developed in his Book. We explain everything, including Tao, yin-yang, wu and wu-wei, in plain words therefore no more resources are needed.

  • Schedule and delivery

The course is made of 12 lessons sent as emails messages directly to your email address on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

  • Lessons

1. Who Is Lao-tzu?
2. Introduction to the Tao-te ching (name, structure, concepts)
3. What is Tao?
4. What is Emptiness (wu)?
5. What is Nondoing (wu-wei)?
6. Yin and Yang Principles in Tao-te ching
. The Spirit of Mysterious Valley
8. Naturalness (tzu-jan)
9. P'u - Simplicity
10. The Art of Meditation in Tao-te ching


11. Several Mistakes Made by Westerners when Dealing with the Basics in Tao-te ching
12. Translation of the First Guodian Lao-tzu Chapter with Commentaries.
The Guodian Tao-te ching is the oldest version of the Book discovered recently.

  • Bonus

- Lao-tzu and Taoism (PDF);
- At the Death of Lao-tzu
A short commentary on a story by Chuang-tzu, the greatest disciple of Lao-tzu, explaining why Lao-tzu was not a Great Man. (Worth $5.95)

  • Interactivity

You may request help with the topics approached during the course long. Please notice that our assistance is provided in real time, by a real person, through email.

  • Cost: $25
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Should you need further information about our courses, please visit our help page or contact us at support@taopage.org. We are glad to assist you.

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