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yin-yang Though he is considered to be the father of Taoism , little is known about Lao Tzu (The Venerable Master). He would have lived during the Warring States period in China, as an archivist at the Royal court, and there he would have met the notorious Confucius to talk about rites.

Lao Tzu or the Venerable MasterLao Tzu is the author of Tao Te Ching (The Classic of Tao and Te), which describes the Way and everything related to It - the nondoing and wu concepts, among others.

Lao Tzu worked most of his life in the public service, and retired later to the West, disgusted by the corruption of the political life, without leaving any trace. He is the archetype of the ancient Taoist Sage.

His teachings insisted on retirement from the world by keeping a low profile and practicing nondoing and emptiness as a way of life.

Lao Tzu is an exciting character even today - mostly because his wisdom which is both obscure and fascinating.

This site is designed to offer valuable information about Lao Tzu's life and philosophy - his Way - intended for people interested in initiation into theTao and Taoist matters.


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