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Living in Tao by Master Lu

Dialogues on Tao experience


Many specialists dealing with Taoism agree that it is a philosophy of life developed by several ancient Chinese masters such as Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu. Thus we are invited to read their books in order to learn more.

Living in TaoWhat I mean is they (these specialists) approach Taoism from a literary or philosophical perspective, or a historical or cultural one. That is, they have no personal experience of Taoism as a way of life. They limit themselves to review the ancient Taoist literature and criticism!

This ebook - Living in Tao - with the subtitle: Master Lu Dialogues on Tao and Taoism, collects several sayings of a Master who actually lives in Tao, that is, he has the experience of being in Tao or following the Tao or the Way. This is why we think that his sayings (teachings) may help us seize the very core of the Tao experience, and inspire us in our effort of being in Tao too.

The ebook is made of short dialogues and monologues commented and explained in plain words.

This work is also prefaced by a valuable paper on what does it mean to be initiated, written by J Yang, the editor and commentator of the text.

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