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About Consulting the Oracle

Generally speaking you shouldn't use a software or other script to consult the I-ching oracle. This oracle is an extremely live entity, so you may use only natural devices to access its wisdom.

By tradition, I-ching divination is made with the use of yarrow stalks or coins. The yarrow stalks method is better because the yarrow sticks are considered to be spirit-like, linked to the oracular power of I-ching. Yarrow stalks methods is explained here.

I-ching or Book of ChangesIn order to access our online reading device you should click here. First thing first learn how to phrase your question by reading our short commentary below.

Inquiry Guide

-> Before inquiring the Oracle we strongly suggest you purchase the James Legge's translation of I-ching, because it is the most accurate. When you need to read the I-ching texts use this version instead of those published by most of the online I-ching applications. (More about the I-ching English version may be found by taking our course treating of the Book of Changes.)

You may purchase the Legge's version from our online store - click here.

    Note: There's also an online application which offers two versions of I-ching - Wilhelm's and Legge's - you may choose from. If you know about the differences between them, you may click here to access this application and select your desired version.

-> Oracle answers are always provided in a symbolic/encrypted language (like all of the ancient oracles). This is why you may need help with translating them in the terms of your specific concern (inquiry). We offer quick online assistance with your questions and answers, just click here to access the assistance page.

-> You may request free assistance with your inquiries by registering to the I-ching forum here.


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