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Welcome to the Tao Initiation Pack!

This is a 3-part course intended for people interested in practicing the Tao. It is about the Tao teachings applied in real life. Yes, the Tao teachings are valid and may be applied in our life, now and here. But how? This is the question that we answered here.

One may think that Tao is not so close to the common thinking because is linked with what is mysterious or spiritual (that is, invisible). Or he may think that Tao teachings address only initiated people or disciples of powerful masters, and so forth. Many just read the Tao-te ching and didn't find any clue as to how one may follow the Tao or the Way in his/her daily life! Many are interested in reading with benefice but still don't see the practical usage of Tao-te ching.

This course was designed while thinking of all these people. "Tao teachings" are the result of experience - of a day to day experience with the Tao-te ching ideas and concepts. In short, there's about a way of life inspired by Lao-tzu and his famous book mainly center on how to attain happiness and fulfillment.

In short we teach you the Way of Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching. And we do this with the help of several short, easy and accessible examples of practical living.

And what is worth this pack addresses beginners, that is, people without any prior experience with Tao and Taoism . This is your way out of the turmoil and confusion of our modern world.

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The pack consists in 3 parts (click the titles to find more):


Content and Delivery

As you already noted the first two parts of this pack are made of two courses. Courses are made of lessons written as email messages, and sent through email directly to your email address.

    Please also note that you don't need to register and login to a portal, online, each time you need to read your lessons. You are sent the lessons directly to your inbox, so you may read them in your email client or browser and even save them on CD or DVD support or print them. Thus you can take them with you wherever you want and study at your own pace. These are the benefits of email teaching!

The third part of the pack consist in an ebook which is sent also through email as attachment upon finishing the second course.

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Should you need further instruction about each lesson/part of this pack, you may ask for help by sending your question to the teacher. He'll replies within a few hours, through email. Please note that our teacher is a real person not a robot, so you'll speak to a real person and receive customized advice! These don't happen with courses provided through a site or portal or other such learning devices.

Please also note that we offer further post-study assistance with your meditation and/or I-ching practice. Please click here to access the assistance offers page.

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