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Tao-te ching, translated the Classic of Tao and Te, is a "ching", that is, a book considered to be of a great value in the Chinese tradition (much like the Bible in the Christian tradition). It is ascribed to Lao-tzu (the Old/Venerable Master).

According to Ssu-ma Ch'ien (historian of the Chinese antiquity), Lao-tzu would have left the sovereign's court, going to West, and met Yin Hsi, the Guardian of the pass, who asked him to write a book of wisdom. This is how Tao-te ching took birth.

Still there are opinions maintaining that the book is a mere collection of various texts (without relation with each another) written in different time periods, or even the work of a secret organization of philosophers.

Many assume that Lao-tzu didn't exist.

In short, the history of the book is related to a certain Lao-tzu, be it a group of persons interested in philosophic matters or a philosopher contemporary with Confucius.


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