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Lao-tzu is perhaps the most mysterious and criticized character of the ancient Chinese philosophy and culture. His name means the Old Sage. He also was known as Lao Tan. He would have live about 200 years. (Read more about his biography here).

Most of the information regarding his biography comes from the Historical Records of the Ssu-ma Ch'ien. The author says that Lao-tzu worked as a librarian at the court of Chou sovereign, and he met Confucius to talk about rites. This meeting is capital as it illustrates the open opposition between the Lao-tzu's philosophy and Confucius'.

Lately, he would have quit the court and gone West. When passing through the pass he would have meet the guardian Yin Hsi, and wrote the Tao-te ching upon his direct request.

Nothing more is known about Lao-tzu after he wrote the book.

Lao-tzu is considered to be the father of philosophical Taoism (tao-chia) and was also deified in the religious Taoism (tao-chiao) as the supreme God.

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Confucius meets Lao-tzu

Confucius meets Lao-tzu to discuss about rites

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