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What Taoists Believe

Whenever one thinks of Taoism beliefs he/she must figure out a mixture made of ancient traditions, philosophies and rituals/superstitions related to ancient practices.

Actually there are two kinds of Taoism: the philosophical and the religious Taoism. The first is related to Lao-tzu and his famous Tao-te ching, and leads to initiation into the spiritual doctrine aiming of uniting one with the Tao.

The ideogram for Tao picture
The ideogram for Tao

Tao is known as the creator and sustainer of the Universe (wang-wu - the 10.000 things). It is also the model of conduct for the Taoist disciples.

The pattern of this conduct is determined on the basis of several key notions of Taoism, such as: wu-wei (translated nondoing), wu (emptiness), and fu (return).

Each of these concepts traces specific ways of being and acting. Generally speaking they are the very core of the Taoism or the Way.

The religious Taoism consists in schools and disciplines which follow the ideal of health, longevity and immortality. Some of these schools are alchemical orientated. Others practice breathing exercises, sexual techniques or specific diet in order to attain their aim.

Experts studying Taoism agree that these two branches are not really separated as one might think. All along the Chinese spiritual history they mingle and influence each other to form many schools of thought and spiritual practice.

Fragment of Tao-te ching picture
Fragment of Tao-te ching
in Chinese
This site deals with the philosophical Taoism seen as a way of life. We explain the basics of this school and help you learn how to apply the its wisdom in your everyday life.

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