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Taoism Initiation Pack ($15 Off)

- A 3-item resource to what is Taoism -

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This package is designed for people willing to know what is Taoism. Also it includes a course dealing with the I-ching divination method.

The pack is made of three courses (levels) that made our Taoism initiation course. Here's the list (click the links to learn more):

    [1] What is Taoism
    Deals with the basics: tao, te, yin-yang, wu, wu-wei and more. Click here to learn more.

    [2] I-ching Methods and Meaning
    Deals with the divination method through I-ching (Book of Changes). Click here to learn more.

    [3] Taoist Meditation
    Deals with the Taoist meditation - presents several methods as they are described in the ancient Taoist works. Click here to learn more.

Courses content, quizzes...

- Courses are made of lessons. Each lesson is delivered through email on a schedule of one lesson every two days.

- You may open and read them on your desktop, tablet or phone device; you may copy and print them.

- Some lessons are completed by home assignments (not mandatory). Also upon the completion of each course you'll be invited to take the corresponding online quiz (not mandatory).

- Moreover, if you wish to continue your learning experience, we provide further support upon your request.

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