Tao Initiation Pack

Tao Dictionary


I-ching (The Book of Changes) - the Chinese oracle written several thousand years ago, used by rulers and princes.

Tao - the primordial force, the origin and sustainer of the universe, the path or way of conducting one's life.

Tao-chia - the "school of tao" - contrary to the "tao-chiao" - philosophical discipline inspired by Lao-tzu's Tao-te ching aiming at the emulation of the Tao in the disciples' everyday life.

Taoism - ancient Chinese spiritual tradition developed in Tao-te ching by Lao-tzu.

Tao-te ching (The Classic of Tao and Te) - ancient handbook of spiritual conduct written several thousand years ago by Lao-tzu.

Te - power to create or manifest - virtue.

Lao-tzu: The venerable sage is known as the father of Taoism and author of Tao-te ching.

Yin-Yang - basic ruling principle of the universe. Fundamental forces.

Wu - nonbeing, emptiness. Taoist basic teaching about the natural state of human mind.

Wu-wei - nondoing. Taoist basic teaching about the movement alongside the minimal resistance.


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