Tao Initiation Pack

Post-Study Assistance Offers

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Available 24x24

You may request our further online assistance service upon completion of our 3-part initiation part. Please check out the list below and choose your desired plan.

    Note 1: The assistance is provided through email. For further information related to the assistance schedule and plans please send your inquiry to support@taopage.org.

    Note 2: Our post-study assistance service requires the completion of the entire Initiation Pack email course. It applies to your personal meditation practice and/or your I-ching experience.

    Note 3: Please send us your request for assistance prior of make a payment to be sure we have enough available time for the requested offer. Send your request to support@taopage.org with subject "online assistance request" (without quotes).



iconOne-Month Post-Study Assistance.    Price: $250.


iconTwo-Month Post-Study Assistance.    Price: $450


iconThree-Month Post -Study Assistance.    Price: $650


If you require further help with our assistance offers or the ebook version of the initiation pack, please don't hesitate to contact Lynn at support@taopage.org.


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