Tao Initiation Pack

About the Tao Practice

the sage in the heaven 

This module aims at teaching you how to apply the Tao wisdom to your day to day life. We have updated and refreshed the ancient Taoist knowledge as to fit the needs of modern people today!

Since the ancient Tao Masters didn't provide a clear key of understanding how to apply their teachings, almost all Western students don't seem to seize their immediate, pragmatic benefit. This course was designed with the intend of recovering this lapse. And this is done with accessibility in mind!

Here are the lessons and some short explanation of their content:

1. Knowing the Germs
Knowing the germs of future events is our main concern.
2. Power, Will and Ambition
About the power of doing things.
3. Daily I-ching
About the usage of of the I-ching oracle in our the day to day life.
4. Nondoing
Going with the flow.
5. Emptiness
The benefit of emptying your mind.
6. Meditation
What about your inner self?
7. Being in Balance
Inner and outer balance.
8. Health and Profit
Our daily incitement.
9. What if I Love Him/Her?
About desire and retire.
10. Getting Involved
To get or not involved?
11. Tao Experience: Two simple exercises that help you purify
your mind and gain more disposable energy.
12. I-ching Example of Consultation: an example of oracle consultation.

BONUS: Seven mistakes done by Westerners today and their correction from a Taoist point of view - PDF paper.


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