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The Yin-Yang Philosophy

A 8-lesson email course for beginners

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  • Description

This course treats of the yin and yang symbolism in Taoism. We offer a short history of these terms, the meaning of the names, and talk about how they are dealt with in I-ching, Tao-te ching, and more (see the summary below).

The course is made of eight lessons. here they are:

1. A Short History of Yin and Yang
2. The Meaning of Names Yin and Yang
3. Yin and Yang in I-ching
4. Yin and Yang in Tao-te ching
5. Yin and Yang at Chuang-tzu
6. Yin and Yang at Lieh-tzu
7. Yin and Yang: Patterns of Interaction (PDF)
8. Yin and Yang in Real Life (PDF)

  • Quiz

If you wish to test your acquired knowledge you may take our online quiz upon the completion of the course (not mandatory).

  • Schedule and delivery

We send you the lessons as emails messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them.

  • Interactivity

You may request help with the topics approached during the course long. Please notice that our assistance is provided in real time, by a real person, through email

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