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The Method of Guarding One's Life According to Lao-tzu

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Course description

As the title says, this course is about guarding our life.

Confronted with the new enemy in the form of a deadly virus, we have no means, provided by our modern medicine, to fight the enemy once for all.

This is why we thought to design this course inspired by the Lao-tzu's dialogue with one of his disciples regarding the method of guarding one's life.

In short, we teach you the method and offer further resources to continue your study.

Course required information: This course makes use of terms like Tao, emptiness, nondoing, I-ching and so forth.

These terms and concepts are fully explained in our Taoism initiation course.

If you didn't take it, you may still learn about them by browsing this site's pages when necessary or by reading the online Taoism dictionary.


1. Chuang-tzu about Lao-tzu's Method
This explains in short why we quoted Chuang-tzu to design this course.
2. About Holding the One
Teaches you about holding the One, meaning the Tao. What is meant by this odd formula?
3. About Knowing the Lucky and Unlucky
Using the I-ching oracle on a the day to day basis may save us from many perils. Still there's an advanced method of dealing with the unexpected.
4. Knowing to Rest
A few words about the meaning of resting.
5. Stopping When You Have Too Much
A few words about stopping when you have enough.
6. Seeking for What you Need in Yourself
How is this done?
7. Fighting the Desire
Explains why we need to flee from desire, fear and other such emotional influences.
8. About Simplicity
Explains this basic Taoist feature.
9. Becoming a Little Child
Comments on Tao-te ching's chapter 10 treating of the state without flaw.
10. The Virus and the I-ching
Several ideas drawn from I-ching answers related to the occurrence of the corona virus.

Schedule & interactivity

We send you the lessons as emails messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days.

Also you may request help with the topics approached during the course long. Please notice that our assistance is provided by a real person, through email.

Cost: $50

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