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This section provides papers on Taoist issues. Most of them are commentaries on Tao-te ching and I-ching texts or short analysis of various aspects of basic Taoist concepts and ideas.

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Available Items

Hints on Taoist Meditation in I-ching     Price $5.95

This paper deals with the Taoist meditation technique in I-ching. Quotes from Wilhelm's and Blofeld's translations of the Book of Changes are given.

Word count 577, PDF, download

Lao-tzu and Emptiness     Price $5.95

A short commentary on the meaning of the enigmatic sentence "the wise ruler empties people's minds and fills their bellies" from Tao-te ching, chapter 3.

Word count 527, PDF, download

At the Death of Lao-tzu     Price: $5.95

A commentary on the Chuang-tzu's story about the death of Lao-tzu and the philosophical meaning of the mourning scene.

Word count 748, PDF, download

Chuang-tzu and the Butterfly Metaphor     Price: $5.95

Commentary on the famous butterfly dream of Chuang-tzu. Also provides a critical evaluation of Thomas Cleary philosophical approach of the same story.

Word count 915, PDF, download

Taoism about Death     Price: $5.95

A collection of quotes from Chuang-tzu and Lao-tzu related to the Taoist thinking about death and several short comments.

[Paper by Jhian Yang, word count: 987, PDF, download]

Chuang-tzu and Formal Thinking     Price: $5.95

A story of Chuang-tzu not mourning at his wife's death leads us to consider two modes of thinking approached by Master.

Word count: 1086, PDF, download

The Sage Walks on Tao     Price: $5.95

Many fragments of Tao-te ching seem similar to the old symbolism of Christian moral philosophy. Still this is not the case with the chapter 22 which reads: "He who has little will have a lot"... This paper comments on the meaning of this text.

Word count: 814, PDF, download

Alan Watts on Taoism     Price: $5.95

Provides a short review of Alan Watts's personal approach of Taoism illustrated with a few commented quotes taken from his: Tao: The Watercourse Way.

Word count: 1071, PDF, download

Lao-tzu Guodian (1)     Price: $5.95

English translation of the first chapter of Guodian Lao-tzu (chapter 19 of the given text) with comments.

Word count: 273, PDF, download

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