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Yin and Yang     Price: $5.95

Introductory paper to the yin-yang principle - its first appearance, and commentary on its meaning.

Word count: 1212, PDF, download

Yin and Yang in Real Life     Price $5.95

Comments upon the yin and yang as principles of action and behavior. It starts from the I-ching embodiment of them as the first two hexagrams: Creative and Receptive.

Word count: 1134, PDF, download

Yin-Yang, Patterns of Interaction     Price $5.95

Many think about yin and yang as complementary principles at work in the universe. Still there are many other modes of interaction apart from the complementarity. This paper comments on this topic.

Word count: 762, PDF, download

Taoism and Christianity    Price: US$ 5.95

Discusses some seeming similarities between Taoism and Christian ethics.

Word count: 1047, PDF, download

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