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I-ching Methods and Meaning

yarrow stalks used in I Ching practice

A 10-lesson email course

The I-ching course is intended to teach you the practice of I-ching divination. As part of teachings of Taoist Masters, the divination helps us acquire insight on the future and the further development of our plans.

We teach you the method of consulting and offer hints on how to understand the symbolic answers through several short lessons.

Please note that this is the short version of the course. The full version may be found at https://www.taopage.org/leveltwo.html .   


1. Basic Things One May Know About Oracles
2. The First Encounter with the I-ching oracle
3. Translations and Versions
4. Content of the Book
5. Usage of the Oracle (methods of asking questions)
6. The Oracle and the Life of the Couple
7. Business and the Oracle
8. Health and the Oracle
9. The Oracle in Political Life
10. Hints on Understanding the Answers

Bonus: the I-ching Dictionary (PDF).

Quiz: Upon completing the course you may take our online quiz (not mandatory).

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