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Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching Revealed


This is the PDF version of our course with the same name (more about the course version here).

This version comprises all of the lessons without bonus, quiz and assistance. If you need these features too please take the course version instead.Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching Revealed cover

  • Summary:

1. Who Is Lao-tzu?
A short introduction to Lao-tzu life.
2. Introduction to the Tao-te ching (name, structure, concepts)
Short introduction to the content of Tao-te ching.
3. What is Tao?
Explains the meaning of the term Tao.
4. What is Emptiness (wu)?
Explains the meaning of wu - emptiness.
5. What is Nondoing (wu-wei)
Explains the meaning of wu-wei - nondoing.
6. Yin and Yang Principles in Tao-te ching
Yin and yang as they appear in Tao-te ching.
7. The Spirit of Mysterious Valley
The meaning of the most obscure concept of Tao-te ching.
8. Naturalness (tzu-jan)
Explains this concept
9. P'u - Simplicity
Explains the meaning of the term p'u.
10. The Art of Meditation in Tao-te ching
A hint to the meditation method in Tao-te ching.

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