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What is a PDF?

PDFs (portable document format) are a very useful alternative to regular books. You can download them to your tablet, mobile phone and PC so you can take them with you when you travel, and create your own custom library of hundreds of titles. Some PDFs are even interactive. Best of all, when you order a PDF, there is no waiting and no shipping or handling charges!

Can I print or copy a PDF?
Of course. The printing device is included in the reader.

How long does it takes to download a PDF?
The amount of time it takes to download your ordered PDF depends on the speed of your connection and the size of the document. The average download time is 1- 5 seconds. Our PDFs a re sent through email directly to your inbox.

I don't have Adobe Reader installed on my PC, what should I do?
You may download this reader for free from the official Adobe site. Just click the link below and follow the instruction:

How can I read a PDF?
You must use a PDF reader. There are a lot of them. The most common and free is the Adobe Reader. You can download it and install from the official adobe site at http://get.adobe.com/reader/

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