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I-ching Methods and Meaning

(10-lesson email course delivered through email)



We provide teachings on I-ching through 10 lessons especially designed for beginners. If you wish to learn what I-ching is and how you can use it as a tool to predict the future, this course is for you. This is the short version of our complete 16-lesson I-ching introductory course which is a part of the Initiation into Taoism (three levels course).

We send our course as lessons through email on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days.

Lessons are written as email messages so you may open and read them with your email device: Outlook, Thunderbird or other. You may even print the lessons or save them on DVD. (If you need the PDF version just ask).

Here are the lessons:

1. Basic Things One Must Know About Oracles

Content and Usage

2. The First Encounter with the I Ching Oracle
3. Translations and Versions
4. Content of the Book
5. Usage of the Oracle (methods of asking questions)

Examples Commented

6. The Oracle and the Life of the Couple
7. Business and the Oracle
8. Health and the Oracle
9. The Oracle in Political Life


10. Hints on Understanding the Meaning of the Answers

Bonus. Take the course now and we'll send you the I-ching dictionary written in PDF. You need this resource if you wish to have a collection of I-ching words and concepts explained in plain words. (Nothing of this kind may be found over the Net!!!)

Quiz. Upon completing the course you may take the online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Price: $25 $10

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Fu Hsi with the 8 trigrams diagram

Help. Need further assistance with this course? Please send your inquiry to support@taopage.org. We respond quickly!

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