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About I-ching Oracle


I-ching was mainly used as an divinatory tool, that is, a method to inquire about the future development of the actual situation. It was consulted by princes and noble men and people involved in the ruling the country. Oracle consulting services were offered by specialists who also interpreted the answers. Click here to read a classical interpretation.

Starting with the Confucian era, I-ching gained still another function, namely of book of wisdom, because of the ethical approach of the Confucian disciples. Confucius himself would have consulted the oracle and added his commentaries.

I-ching divination procedure is based of 64 hexagrams or lineal figures as landmarks of orientation regarding the future.

Each hexagram describes a typical situation and offers advice and guidance of the kind: "good fortune", "misfortune", "remorse", "humiliation", and so forth. Click here to read the hexagram names table.

Today the I-ching oracle is very much appreciated but is mainly approached with the means of Confucian ethical philosophy. This is why most of the specialists who teach or offer advice on the basis of the oracle are missing the skills and knowledge to work with it following the old fashion. The result is that the oracular answers are not fully understood.

  • I-ching and Archetypes

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, dedicated a full study to the I-ching oracle showing how it may be used and further trying  to explain its functioning starting from his theories of the archetypes of the collective unconscious and synchronicity. More about the Jung's approach of I-ching here.

  • Methods of Consulting

There are basically two methods of approaching the I-ching as a divination tool: the yarrow stalks and the coins methods. Also there are a lot of online devices and scripts or applications but they are missing the accuracy of the basic methods.



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