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The Coins Method


Chinese coins used for
consultation of the oracle
You need three western coins. Toss them six times until a hexagram is built. Heads is given the number 3. Tails is given the number 2. Four possible configurations can be made:

H + H + H = 9 (Considered an "old" yang line, which, in a hexagram, means it is changing into a yin, or, in other words, a solid line becoming a broken one.) It is represented like this:


T + T + T = 6 (Considered an "old" yin line, which, in a hexagram, means it is changing into a yang, or, in other words, a broken line changing into a solid one.) It is represented like this:

__  __

H + T + T = 7 (A "young" yang line which is considered solid.) It is represented like this:


T + H + H = 8 (A "young" yin line, considered broken.) It is represented like this:

__   __

Write down your lines. This will create your present hexagram, which will represent your present situation and its conclusion. You can also have a hint on the conclusion with the same hexagram.  Simply change your "old" lines into their opposites. Here's an example: let's say you threw six times and got these lines:

__  __6
__  __8
__  __8
__  __8

You would look this hexagram up in the Book of Changes and you would discover it is hexagram 62, Hsiao Kuo, tat is, Preponderance of the Small.

Now, since this contains "old" and changing yin and yang lines, to determine the conclusion you would simply reverse these lines:

__  __8
__  __8
__  __8
__  __8

This would change your hexagram into 52, Ken, Keeping Still.


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