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Fu Hsi, the creator of the eight trigrams, the basis of  I-ching hexagrams
This site is intended for people willing to learn more about the I-ching oracle and the consulting method.

Here, I-ching is approached mainly as a divinatory means just because it has been used as such from the beginnings, several thousand years ago.

I-ching is one of the most important books of Chinese tradition and has influenced China's culture in all its forms.

The book was consulted as an oracle by Confucius himself who recognized its value and added his own comments.

I-ching Course

A few years ago, our Taoist society - Way of Perfect Emptiness - has created the first online Taoism course that includes a special part I-ching graph picturededicated to the study of the I-ching.

This part teaches one about the content of the book and the method of consulting it as oracle. Also it deals with the art of interpreting the meaning of its symbolic answers.

The course provides examples of interpreted answers regarding questions about typical life situations such as: health, profession, love, money, politics, and more.

The short version of this course is available right now from here.

Downloads and Resources

i-ching coinThis site also provides:

  • A download page dedicated to online and desktop programs for consulting the oracle;
  • A pictures gallery related to I-ching symbols, links to other sites, and other online resources including English and Chinese versions of the Book of Changes;
  • A Bookstore listing the must-read books.

I-ching Dictionary

Now you can order our complete online I-ching dictionary in PDF. It is helpful if you wish to further study the I-ching. Click here to order now.

iconNEW! I-ching by Jhian providing comments on Judgments and the texts of the lines

(a genuine work - in progress)

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