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A 12-lesson course by Jhian and the Way of Perfect Emptiness

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  • Description

Taoism is not only a philosophy but a way of life (to quote Alan Watts). Described for the first time by Lao-tzu in his Tao-te ching, Taoism proposes some techniques for approaching your everyday life events with flair and intuition, in order to attain your goals and display happiness.
Taoism is a method of proceeding inspired by the rhythms of the universe. It is the yin-yang movement of body and soul, it is, in short, the art of doing things as they require in this very moment.

This course is about this way of life and the experience of Tao Teachings in your everyday life.

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  • Schedule and delivery

This course is made of 12 lessons sent through email. You may read them in your PC, tablet or mobile phone. The lessons are sent on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

  • Lessons

1. Knowing the Germs
About knowing the germs of future.
2. Power, Will and Ambition
About the power of doing things.
3. Daily I-ching
Using I-ching oracle in the day to day life.
4. Nondoing
Going with the flow.
5. Emptiness
The benefit of emptying your mind.
6. Meditation
What about your inner self?
7. Balance
Inner and outer balance.
8. Health and Profit
Our daily incitement.
9. What if I Love Him/Her?
About desire and retreat.
10. Getting Involved
To get or not involved?
11. Two Simple Exercises which Help You Purify Your Mind and Gain More Disposable Energy.
12. I Ching: Example of Consulting:
offers an example of everyday oracle consulting.

  • Bonus

Should you take this course now we give you a free paper about several mistakes made by westerners and the correction provided by the Tao Teachings. (PDF)

  • Interactivity

Need help with the topics approached? Send your question to Jhian and he'll respond in no time. The interactivity may be extended later through our online forum.

  • Cost: $25
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  • Questions?

Should you need further information about our courses, please visit our help page here or contact us at support@taopage.org. We are glad to assist you.

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