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Taoism Courses - What are they?

Taoism is a way of life in accord with the Tao or the natural trends around us. This method has been described by Lao-tzu and his followers such as Chuang-tzu and Lieh-tzu. The core of the Taoism living experience is the Tao-te ching. the Lao-tzu by Eskild Tjalvehandbook of wisdom written by Lao-tzu upon the request of Yin Hsi.

The purpose of this writing is not simply talking about spirituality but teaching one the path to success and attainment no matter what the times are: of prosperity or decay.

Our courses are inspired by these sources and are intended to help people looking for a pragmatic way of dealing with the everyday challenge.

In short, we explain the basics of Taoism - Tao, yin-yang, wu, wu-wei, and more - as they appear in the Tao-te ching. You may also learn about the I-ching oracle, as a method of predicting future events. Last but not least, we give you hints on how to apply the Tao wisdom to your everyday life!

We deliver our courses through email as lessons (like email messages). Usually we send the lessons on schedule of one lesson every two days since the course registration.

Also we provide free online support and guidance should you need to know more.

Need more information? see the student guide on the bottom of this page.

Yin and Yang by Eskild Tjalve

List of Available Courses

Initiation into Taoism [3 levels]
This is the first step to understand the Taoism. We teach you the Taoism basics, the I-ching method and the Taoist meditation through a 3-level course. We show you how Taoism and I-ching work together! Here are the levels:

  • Level 1- Explains the main Taoist concepts like tao, yin-yang, nondoing (wu-wei), emptiness (wu), and more. and wu-wei. Click here to learn more...
  • Level 2 - Teaches you the I-ching method of predicting the future in connection with Taoism. Click here to learn more...
  • Level 3 - Treats of the Taoist meditations methods. This level explains the concept of empty mind and the benefit of attaining it, here and now. Click here to learn more...

Please note that each level may be taken separately. Still we suggest you take them all at once and benefit from our special $15 discount offer - click here to learn more.

Tao Practice in the Day to Day Life
This course is intended for people who wish to apply the Tao wisdom in their personal life. It consists in 12 lessons plus bonus. Click here to learn more.

Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching Revealed (now with support!)
This is a 12-lesson guide to the meaning of Lao-tzu's Tao-te ching intended for beginners. Now with support by Master Jhian. Click here to learn more.

The Yin-Yang Philosophy
This is a 8-lesson email course dealing with the yin-yang meaning in Taoism. Click here to learn more.

Tao Initiation Pack (discount)
A 3-item pack consisting in the short version of our I-ching course, the 12-lesson email course Tao Practice in the Day to Day Life and Master Lu's ebook on Living in Tao (free offer). Click here to learn more.

Student Guide: Q & A

- What I need to follow your courses?
All you need is an email account and access to it in order to receive and read the lessons we sent you through email.

icon- When can I start?
You may start right now and benefit from our discount offers.

- What is the registration procedure?
Just choose the desired course from the list above and click the link that leads to its page. Follow the instruction on how to order online.

- How can I pay?
You may pay through PayPal. If you need another payment method, please ask.

- What if I know nothing about Taoism and its concepts?
Don't worry as our courses address beginners and persons without prior knowledge of what is Taoism.

- May I have a refund if I change my mind and give up your course?
Please read our refund/return policy

iconMore information about our courses may be found here. Not sure what course you should start with? Please click here to access our assistance page.

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