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Initiation into Taoism - Level  1 

What is Taoism
A 12-lesson course delivered through email


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Taoism is a way of life inspired by the flow of natural phenomena (Alan Watts). It was fashioned by Lao-tzu (Master Lao) in his Tao-te ching (The Classic about the Tao and Te). It is mainly characterized by the urge to follow the Tao, that is the Creator and Sustainer of everything in the universe.

What is the benefit of following the Tao? Simply, avoiding failure. The ancient Taoists spoke about the one who follows the Tao as a person who attained his/her time, that is he/she succeeded in accomplishing his/her life!

We designed a 3-level course on the Taoism with the thought of presenting to modern Westerners this ancient way of life and its benefits. 

This is Level One, which teaches you the basics. In short we explain what is Tao, Wu, Wu-Wei and more. We address the beginners or people without knowledge about the Taoist way of living.

The next two levels deal with the I-ching - the ancient book of divination - and the Taoist Meditation methods. You may order all of them at once or choose only this one.

  • Here are the lessons of this level:

1. What is Taoism?
Definition of Taoism as a way of life.
2. About Adaptation and "Natural Trends"
Taoism means adaptation - but what kind of adaptation?
3. Sources of Taoism
Where do we get our information about Taoism.
4. Masters of Taoism
What and how is a Taoist master?
5. What is Tao?
Explains what is Tao.
6. About Yin and Yang
Explains the meaning of these terms as they are used in Taoism.
7. Emptiness (wu)
Explains the concept and its two different meanings.
8. Nondoing (wu-wei)
Explains the concept and its life reference.
9. Lao-tzu and Asceticism
Answers the question whether Lao-tzu was or was not on the side of asceticism.
10. Meditation in Taoism
Steps to acquire the empty mind - the very core of Taoist teachings.


new 11. Fu - Return
Explains one of the most important concepts in Taoism.
new 12. Ho-shang kung and Tao-te ching
This lesson provides and example of interpretation of the Tao-te ching (chapter 6).

  • Quiz

If you wish to test your acquired knowledge you may take our online quiz upon the completion of this level (not mandatory).

  • Bonuses

We offer two (!) bonuses should you take this level now:

 - Alan Watts on Taoism - a collection of commented abstracts from Alan Watts' book Tao: The Watercourse-Way (PDF);

- Taoism Dictionary - the main terms and concepts explained in plain words (PDF).

  • Schedule and delivery

We send you the lessons as emails messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them.

  • Interactivity

You may request help with the topics approached during the course long. Please notice that our assistance is provided in real time, by a real person, through email.

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