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Who Was Lao-tzu

Lao-tzu by Eskild Tjalve
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Almost everything we know about Lao-tzu comes from the Historical Records of Ssu-ma Ch'ien. Lao-tzu is also one of the basic characters of the Chuang-tzu's stories - unfortunately they are mostly fiction.

According to Ch'ien, Lao-tzu was born in the state of Ch'u, and his birthplace was in the nowadays Ho-nan province. He was a curator at the Royal Library when he met Confucius to talk about rites. This conversation offers much insight into the huge differences between Taoists and Confucians.

Lao-tzu surname was Li; his name was Erh (meaning ear) - this is why we find him also under the name of Li Erh.

As for the name "Lao-tzu" it is only a nickname meaning the Old Philosopher of Sage.

Disguised with the morals at the royal court, Lao-tzu would left and gone West. He met the Guardian of the Pass who asked him to compose a book. This is how Tao-te ching took birth.

"Lao-tzu cultivated the Tao and its attributes - wrote Ch'ien in his Historical Records -  the chief aim of his studies being how to keep himself concealed and remain unknown."

Confucius meets Lao-tzu
Confucius meets Lao-tzu
These notes are almost all we have about Lao-tzu's life, work and thinking. There's no further indication concerning the life of the sage in the West; he simply gets out of our sight the minute he passes the boundary of the state of Ch'u.

At Lao-tzu's Death

Surprisingly enough, a story from Chuang-tzu still offers us details about Lao-tzu's death. This story described the funerals of the master with many grieving disciples. Nonetheless - Legge concludes - this narration might be just another of Chuang-tzu's fancies: "to give him the opportunity of setting forth what, according to his ideal of it, the life of a Taoist master should be, and how even Lao-tzu himself fell short of it".

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