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The main sources of teachings related to the Taoist concepts are the books assigned to famous masters such as Lao-tzu, Chuang-tzu and Lieh-tzu.

Tao-te ching

Tao-te ching page
written in Chinese

The titles of these books are Tao-te ching (The Classic about the Tao and its Characteristics), Chuang-tzu and Lieh-tzu or The Classic of Perfect Emptiness.

Apart from these main sources that are studied on this site, we have included the I-ching (Book of Changes), the basic work of the ancient Chinese culture.

Please note that the term "ching" assigned to these works proves their interest and value in China. "Ching" means "classic", with the sense of "holy scripture", much like Bible.

Check out the list of books presented on this site above.

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