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Lao-tzu - Father of TaoismTaoism is a way of life inspired by the Tao or the Great Pervader. Its main concepts have been developed by Lao-tzu (Old Sage) in his handbook of wisdom entitled Tao-te ching.

The followers of Lao-tzu, such as Chuang-tzu and Lieh-tzu, further developed the master's concepts in their books and gave us a lot of living examples of achievement through the emulation of the Tao.

We provide information on the basics of Taoism including the I-ching (Book of Changes). The later is a divinatory guide to success through knowing the future.

Taoism initiation. You may learn what Taoism is, and especially  how you may follow this path today by taking our email courses. They are designed for beginners and delivered through email on a schedule. You may start right now and benefit from our special offers and discounts. Please click here to see how.

Featured articles and ebooks. The following are several "must have" if you wish to learn more about Taoism. 

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    - At the Death of Lao-tzu (article, PDF) - A short commentary on a Chuang-tzu story explaining why Lao-tzu was not the model of the Taoist master. (Coming soon)

    - Taoism on Death (article, PDF) - A collection of quotes from Chuang-tzu and Lao-tzu related to the Taoist experience of death + final conclusion. Learn more...

    - Teachings on Tao by Chuang-tzu - A collection of abstracts from Chuang-tzu explained in plain words. Learn more...

    - Living in Tao (Master Lu Dialogues on Tao and Taoism) - A collection of sayings referring to the Tao experience of a true Master of our days. Learn more....

Quotes: Alan Watts on Taoism. "Certain Chinese philosophers writing in, perhaps, the -5th and -4th centuries, explained ideas and a way of life that have come to be known as Taoism - the way of man's cooperation with the course or trend of the natural world..." [ more quotes here ].

Master Lu Sayings

NEW! Thoughts about Emptiness (wu)

One day I heard Master Lu commenting on a verse from Tao-te ching. He said: The emptiness (that is, wu) is the key for the secret teaching. People are looking for a secret teaching but they follow the same path as they were told about in the school. A path compatible with their limited knowledge. Fact is that everybody's trying to find confirmation. No matter what teachings they deal with. They need proof. This is why nobody can teach anybody.

My comment: I just noticed a short comparison between the mind emptiness with Taoists and the Gnostic Christ. I thank Sarah for this. It is about a short saying in the Gospel of Thomas where it is said that when the disciple is empty his is full of light and vice versa, when he is full, he is full of darkness. This may sound familiar with a Taoist master of ancient times. Still Master said we are inclined to find the same teaching no matter what the discipline is. Perhaps sometimes we find similitude. Or perhaps it is only a wrong interpretation. (Jhian)

Mistaken the False Disciple for the True One

There are two kinds of people: those who follow the Tao without thinking about this, one may say, unconsciously. And those who try to follow the Tao through a constant effort, say, consciously. The reason is they wish to step on what is sure, leads to attainment and avoids failure.

Te three sages: For the first category the benefit is only a certain feeling of rightness, or something close. One may say it is a kind of going with the stream. Their benefit is very personal so one can not recognize them.

Therefore when one says: Look this is a Taoist adept (because he looks and behaves like a Taoist), I am pretty sure he mistaken the rather false disciple for the true one!

One can not recognize a true Master. He doesn't look like a Taoist.

Lao Tzu talked about the ancient masters and pointed to their muddy or troubled figure. He couldn't recognize them either!

Two Kinds of Wisdom

There are two kinds of wisdom: the practical and the static one. The practical is the wisdom which helps one doing things. It is a rather short living wisdom because it ceases when time comes. The static one doesn't help one in doing things and looks like a store of unsold goods. People cherish the practical wisdom and leave or ignore the static one.

Modern Living?

I just found the following verses on an online Taoist group:

The past is gone.
The future is unpredictable.
All we have is now.
Make great use of it.

Are they really Taoist? I doubt about. The past is gone, of course, but did you learn something useful from it? The future is unpredictable? I don't think so: what about the I Ching and the divination method? I Ching is part of Taoist aim at knowing the way of adaptation to the life trends. We all know that Taoists can't do without I Ching.

All we have is now! This is what we call a natural philosophy of living or seizing the day. We live for today and look for what can excite our feelings. The entire western modern civilization of TV, News and Advertisements is based on this idea. It is not Taoist at all! It is modern living without past and future! By Jhian

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