Master Lu's Dialogues

The Heavenly Master

Taoism is a life method which is imparted by speech. There are no exercises or physical training to acquire the Taoism wisdom. Master teaches through words or simply by keeping silence and showing by the way of personal example. Ancient disciples used to follow their master in long travels around the country and learn from the immediate facts of their life that happened without any artificial intervention.

Very often disciples used to ask questions in order to clear understand the doctrine. The questions and answers (provided by Master) where the basis of an entire dialogue that covered some important issue such as what is tao, what is wu, wu-wei and so forth.

Here we published several short dialogues with our master Lu taken by Jhian Yang, the author of our Taoism courses and disciple of the first. More dialogues will be published soon. Also you may wish to take our entire collection of Master's sayings edited in PDF - click here to learn more.


Tao, Good and Bad

- What is the Tao good for? asked Wu from the Northern Sea. Is it good for food, for ride or perhaps for fighting enemies?

- No, replied the Master of No Concern, it is not good for any food, ride or fighting your enemies. It is just the Lord of everything, so you shouldn't ask about good and bad.


About Tao-te ching Formula

- 1 gave birth to 2, and 2 to 3, and so fort. What is this for?

- I am no sure, Mater Lu's responds, perhaps a math formula?

- It is from Tao-te ching. I suspected to be some philosophical formula rather than a math's one.

- Well philosophy it like math - difficult. Taoists are not this way difficult. They are pragmatic persons.

- Still this (formula) is a concern of Lao-tzu in his Tao-te ching. He talks about the Beginnings, the Tao, the Great Pervader and trying to explain it in plain words…

- 1 that leads to 2, and 2 to 3 is a natural sequence of things, continued Master Lu. Therefore may be an illustration of the way one should conceive the Tao. A pragmatic view rather than an occult, exciting, approach. He would have said: Tao is that simple like 1, 2, 3…


Beginners and the True Understanding

- Is this all that can be said about the Tao? asked someone after reading Tao-te ching.

- Yes, replied Master Lu. This is all.

- Still I don't understand much and wonder if this is because I am a beginner.

- If you think you are a beginner, yes, this is the reason. But if you don't think at all, you may touch the True Understanding, replied Master Lu.


If Nothing Matters...

- If nothing matters in this world, if everything is just passing by, why don't you grab as much as you can, why don't you travel better and better, and enjoy all this world has to offer? In fact, we can do anything...

- Not exactly, said Master Lu. Just think about the payback - you may lose your freedom. And even if this wouldn't be your case, when you cling to worldly things, you feel astray from your inner essence and lose gold for the sake of iron.


About the Meaning of Life

I wonder what is the meaning of life here if nothing have duration and sense, there's nothing worth to die for, nor any guaranty for eternal life such that promised by Christian preachers?

Master Lu replied:  A newborn child is not aware about himself, and lives simple, by instinct. Later he finds some things, grows adult and enters life with all his heart, still unconsciously. But there are some people who discover themselves and look at themselves and ask questions. Why this... why that...? For these people existence has meaning because allowed them to develop the self-awareness, to become conscious of their deeds, of their sense (or nonsense). These ones discovered the charm of life. The sense of being born is to develop and nurture this awareness which may save you at last.

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