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Who can attend these courses?
- Our courses are intended mainly for people without any experience with Tao and Taoism. Practitioners may find further resources and hints on Taoism basics.

What is your courses intend?
- E
xplain the basic Taoism concepts and ideas and introduce you into the practice of the Tao in your everyday life.

What do I need to attend these courses?
All you need to receive them is an email account and client in order to download and read the lessons. You may read them on your mobile or tablet too.

What are the advantages of e-mailing?
You don't need to login to a website in order to access the class. Thus you save time and your personal details that you don't have to share with others. You may study offline too. And what is worth, you receive customized advice from the teacher whenever you need help.

Do I need any additional material for studying Taoism?
- Our courses cover all the Taoism topics but you may still want to read the Tao-te ching and the I-ching (Book of Changes). Both books are available on the Net.

Are there any additional resources and links to complete my study?
There are some additional papers on Taoism themes in our paperstore
here. Also you may want to check out our Chuang-tzu and Master Lu Dialogues (both PDF). Also you may visit our Taoist forum at https://forum.taopage.org.

Is there any evaluation of performance at the end of the courses?
You may take our online quizzes to test your acquired knowledge.

Are there any graduation certificates awarded?
We provide a Certificate of Attendance only for the completion of
Taoism courses pack and Taoism initiation pack).

Are certificates awarded as a matter of course?
- No, only on student's request. The completion of the above mentioned packs added to the total of scores acquired from assignments and quizzes grant students the opportunity to be awarded the Certificate of Attendance.

    Note: Certificates awarded by the teacher are based upon student merit. There is a small processing fee that covers the customization of the certificate. In addition, the certificates include a serial number that verifies the authenticity of the award student earned for a lifetime.

What is the teacher's role?
- He helps you with further clarifications regarding the topics approached.

How can I contact the teacher?
- By e-mail during the class.

How can I keep in touch with news and updates?
- By registering for our newsletter here.

How can I register for a course?
- The registration procedure is a three simple steps:
1. You pay the fee for the selected course(s);
2. Payment is processed through the online processor;
3. We receive the payment confirmation and send you further instruction on the starting of the course.

How long it takes to start the course?
- Usually it takes up to three hours for your registration to be completed. It depends on the time required for online payment processing.

Can you send me a free lesson sample to see if it fits my needs?
- Short abstracts from several lessons may be found

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Should you need further information on our courses, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@taopage.org.


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