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Thank you for your interest in our assistance service!

We provide support and advice with your questions and interpretation of I-ching answer. We do this through email upon your request.

Please send us your question and oracle's answer together with some hints regarding the life context of your question.

    NOTE: In order to do this, you must consult yourself the oracle. You may use our online device from here or one of the classic methods, offline (better). 

    Still if you don't know how to phrase your question or to consult the oracle yourself, we'll do this for you. Just tell us about your life problem or simply send us your question.

Please fill the form below and click SEND button.


Please fill this form with requested information and send it to us by clicking SEND button (don't forget to pay the assistance fee prior of sending us this form - see below ).

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Your question - please include also a short explanation of your concern because we need to understand your problem that your question is linked with

If you don't know how to phrase your question just tell us about your concern and we'll phrase it for you


Oracle's answer consisting in the hexagram number and the changing line(s)

If you don't know how to handle the oracle we may do this for you. In this case just type "I need oracle handle" (without quotes)




Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

[ The fee for one question is $65 ]

Please submit your payment through credit card or PayPal* by clicking the button below.


NOTE: Upon the payment confirmation we'll contact you to talk about your inquiry. It may take up to two business days to receive our message. Also, please notice that we may need more information regarding your issue. In this case we'll ask you for more details through email.

Also please enter our email address - support@taopage.org - in your safe list to be sure you'll receive our message in your inbox.


Should you need further information about how to Sarahprovide the requested information, please click here or send your question to support@taopage.org. We reply quickly.

* If you need another payment method, please ask.



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