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What is I-ching
(Book of Changes)?

I-ching is one of the classical Chinese books (ching), dating back to the time of Fu Hsi and the Yin Dynasty, about 2900 BC. It was used as oracle, at the disposal of the sovereigns and princes.

The Book escaped the arson of books ordered by the first Chinese emperor, in 213 AD, because it was consulted by him. This proves its great popularity and recognition.

Known also as the Chou-I (the Changes of Chou ), the name "I-ching" may be also translated as Book of Changes, that is, dealing with the permanent changes which affect nature and human society as well.

  • Content of the Book

I-ching is a collection of short essays assigned to 64 lineal figures consisting of six continuous (____) and/or broken (__  __) lines. These lines may be assigned the well-known symbols of yin and yang.

These 64 figures are called hexagrams.

Hexagram 31 picture
Hexagram 31, Hsien, Influence (Wooing)

Each Hexagram has a title and offers a prognostication and/or advice in order to avoid difficult life events or human interaction. Read more...

  • Usage of the Book

Whenever you need to know if a project will succeed or fail you may consult the I-ching oracle.

There are two different methods of consultation: with coins or yarrow stalks. Learn more...

The answer of the oracle must be interpreted by a professional diviner, well trained in the art of deciphering its meaning. Read more...


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Learn more about the I-ching oracle - its content, method of consultation and the art of interpreting the answers - by taking our email course intended for beginners. Read more...



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