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The Resources section of this site consists of links to texts, pictures etc. related to I-ching content and divination procedure.

I-ching Translations
and Commentaries

-> Translation by Richard Wilhelm

-> Translation by James Legge

> Translation by Master Therion (Aleister Crowley).

-> Chinese version (PDF) by Dr. Laurentiu Teodorescu

-> Introduction to I Ching by Richard Wilhelm

-> Foreword to the English version by C.G. Jung

Other Resources

-> How to use the yarrow stalks divination method

-> How to use the coins divination method

-> The table of the 64 hexagrams

-> I-ching links and resources from Hermetica

Online Devices and Services

-> I Ching online divination
A free device to consult the oracle online.

-> Help with the meaning of the answers
Provides help with the meaning of the answers and more...

I-ching Dictionary

-> I-ching dictionary
Dictionary of basic I-ching terms designed for beginners (PDF).

I-ching work book

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