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A 3-items pack for the practice of Tao

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Welcome !

Thanks you for your interest in Tao practice.

This Pack is a 3-part initiation course intended for beginners. In short, we teach you the divination method through I-ching and the art of applying the Tao teachings in your everyday life.

The pack consists in the following items (click the titles to find more):

Content and Delivery

As you already noticed the first two items of this pack are made of two courses. Courses are made of lessons written as email messages, and sent through email directly to your email address.

The third item consists in an ebook which is sent as attachment upon finishing the second course.


We offer online support through email should you need help with the topics approached. The answers are customized to your needs and given by a living person - not bots or common answers.

Post-study assistance regarding the meditation and/or I-ching practice is also available on your request. Please click here to learn more.

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Upon the completion of the payment you'll receive a message with further information about the starting of the first course of the pack. Please read and follow.

Need More Help?

Check the Q&A page here or send your questions to support@taopage.org. We respond in no time.

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