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Post-Study Assistance Offers

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You may request further online assistance upon the completion of our course(s). First please read the following notes:

  • The assistance is provided through email by a real person..
  • Our post-study assistance service requires the completion of the entire course(s). It applies to the meditation practice (taught mainly in lesson 11 of our Tao Practice in the Day to Day Life email course) and/or your I-ching divination practice (taught in our I-ching Methods and Meaning* and Tao Practice in the Day to Day Life email courses)..
  • Please send us your request for assistance prior of making a payment to be sure we have enough time for the requested plan.

Send your request to support@taopage.org with subject "online assistance request" (without quotes).


iconOne-Month Post-Study Assistance .    Price: $250


iconTwo-Month Post-Study Assistance .    Price: $450


iconThree-Month Post -Study Assistance .    Price: $650


More plans may be available upon your request.

Payments are made through PayPal. Should you need another payment method (without having to use PayPal), just ask.

If you need more help, please don't hesitate to contact Lynn at support@taopage.org.

* The full version of this course may be found at

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