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Hints about How to Consult the Oracle
and Send us Your Record

The following are hints about how you should proceed when you send us the assistance form.

About phrasing your question

Your question must be very specific and in terms of future development of events. Examples of good questions are:

    - What will the result of my action be?

    - What you (the Oracle) think about my intention to do this or that?

    - What will be the efficiency (if any) of the following treatment (in a malady issue).

About the question's environment

The description of your current situation must be detailed. Remember: I am not one of your relatives so I know nothing about you and your problems. Also, I need to know in detail what your question is related to! If you ask a professional question please keep in mind that you may not expect me to know everything about your expertise, and so forth. You may explain everything in detail. This is mandatory.

About the answer of the Oracle

If you use our online device to consult de Oracle you must click the Hexagram 1 button and see what is the number of the hexagram received as response from Oracle. Also you need to record the red line(s) (if any), and send us the number of its/their place in the hexagram.

For example, if you received Hexagram #2 as response, it may look like this:

__ __
__ __
__ __
__ __
__ __
__ __

Please note that 2 lines are colored red (that is, they are changing lines). This is why you must send us the position number of colored lines too, counted from bottom to top - in our example: lines 2 and 5.

Thus when you send us the hexagram answer to your question you note the number of hexagram (2 in our example) and the position(s) number(s) of the red/changing line(s) - in our example 2 and 5.

To sum up, your account should be as follows: Hexagram 2, lines 2 and 5. Or, if there's no changing line, Hexagram 2.


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