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Downloadable I-ching Programs for your PC

Below is a list of I-ching programs for your PC. You may download these programs freely. Be sure to read the install instruction and download procedure.

1. I-ching by George Rabe
http://www.georgerabe.com/mysite1/iching/icdownload.h tm

2. I-ching or Book of Changes
The oriental prediction and personal advice philosophy, by Ted Aylward.

3. I-ching by Steve VanDevender
Provides 2 scripts, one may be installed on a server.

4. Ijing (ver.
Application running on your PC and written in Java. Download it from:
http://www.melkiades.com/melki/index.php/yijing/24-yiji ng-download-version-0-9-9-0

5. I-ching, the Mystic Map of Time and Change
Another program for your PC. Download it from:  

6. My I Ching - I Ching Journal Software
Use the My Ching journal software to securely store your I Ching readings with comments, as elegant journal pages. Use the search engine to search for journal readings as though you were searching the web. View the best hexagram translations and commentaries from around the Internet using a menu of resource links attached to each hexagram figure.

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