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> Introduction to Taoism by Huston Smith (PDF)
No civilization is monochrome. In China the classical tones of Confucianism have been balanced not only by the spiritual shades of Buddhism but also by the romantic hues of Taoism.

> Daoism and Ecology by James Miller
Daoism, as the indigenous religion of China, is profoundly ecological in its theoretical disposition, but in practice does not conform easily to Western notions of what this should entail.

> Taoist resources
A collection of Taoist scriptures located at the Internet Archive.

> Taoist resources at Terebess.hu
Check the Taoism section.

Tao-te ching

> The Complete Tao-te ching
Translation by James Legge (PDF).

> A comparative version (Legge, Suzuki, Goddard) plus Chinese version.

> Tao-te ching - A matrix translation with Chinese text (PDF).

> Chinese version with vocabulary and English explanation of each character.

> A few comments on Tao-te ching by D. C. Lau.

> 175+ translations of the first chapter.

> Sixty interactive translations provided by Mobilewords Limited.

> A short introduction to the Guodian Lao-tzu (PDF).

> Guodian Laozi
Presentation of the findings plus the matrix.

> Tao-te ching dictionary provides explanation of the main terms and concepts of the book from a personal point of view.

> The Living Dao: The Art and Way of Living a Rich & Truthful Life (PDF)
Translation and comments by Lok Sang HO.


> Introduction to I-ching , by Richard Wilhelm.

> Foreword to the English version (Wilhelm/Baynes) , by Carl Jung.

> Translation by Richard Wilhelm.

> Translation by James Legge.

> More resources here.


> Translation by Lionel Giles.

> The Book of Lieh-tzu, translation by A. C. Graham (PDF).

> An Overview by Dr. Laurentiu Teodorescu (PDF).

> A Biographical Note .


> Translation by Burton Watson (full text).

> Translation by Herbet Giles (several chapters).

> Translation by James Legge (full text).

> Translation by Lin Yutang (several chapters) with an introduction by T. B. Konnes.


> Lao Tzu and Tao Te Ching provides teachings about Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching, biography of author, philosophy of the book and seveeral commentaries, namely on chapters 1-10.

Ssu-ma Ch'ien - Historical records

> Anecdotes about Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu


> The Chronology of Chinese Dynasties, by Dr. Laurentiu Teodorescu (PDF).

> Glossary of Taoism terms
Also related to various Chinese cultural interests.

> Hermetica.info
Provides electronic resources for study Taoism, including I-ching. Downloads available.

> Pronunciation Rules

> Pinyin to Wade-Giles Conversion Table

> The First Lines of Tao-te ching (81Kb - jpg)

> Map of the 6-th Century China (149Kb - jpeg)

> Myths and legends of China by E.T.C. Verner (Project Gutenberg)
"My aim, after summarizing the sociology of the Chinese as a prerequisite to the understanding of their ideas and sentiments, and dealing as fully as possible, consistently with limitations of space (limitations which have necessitated the presentation of a very large and intricate topic in a highly compressed form), with the philosophy of the subject, has been to set forth in English dress those myths which may be regarded as the accredited representatives of Chinese mythology..."

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