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This section comprises several articles treating of the basic Taoist issues or simply commenting upon other papers published on the Net.

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> Taoism on Death
Explains the Taoist approach of death and provides further resources.

> The Meaning of the Word "Tao"
Comments upon several mistakes made by lay people when trying to explain the meaning of the word "tao".

> Steps to the Tao?
A s
hort commentary on mistaken Taoism for the New Age's natural philosophy.

> Jesus and Tao-te ching
Comments on a comparison between Luke 10:41 and chapter 52:2 of Tao-te ching.

> Benefits of Practicing Tao/Taoism
What do we gain (if it is about gain) we you practice Taoism?

> Several Kinds of Approaching Taoism
Presents several ways of approaching Taoism.

> Practicing Taoism - The Western Approach
Explains the Taoist view regarding the practice.

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