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Several Ways of Approaching Taoism

1. Taoism is seen as a system of ethical norms, such as looking for harmony with everything that surrounds us, love our neighbor, do not kill, etc. From this perspective Taoism resembles any religion. Most Taoist presentations on the Net embrace the ethical vision.

Taoism is a way of life picture
Taoism is a way of life based
on the emulation of the Tao (click the picture to enlarge)
2. Another approach is metaphysical, the so-called union with Tao, that is, with the Supreme Power or Nature. However, it is unclear what or who is Tao, or this Supreme Power, and how this union is possible in a concrete way. This approach usually accompanies the first. In this respect, we find all sorts of ethical and metaphysical blends with dietary advice.

3. Taoism of sinologists who see it as a museum of curiosities and therefore dead and ineffective. This approach can be found on university sites, specialists, translators, philosophers and even Marxists!

4. The last approach is Taoism as a way of life. But not an outdated and anachronistic way of life, but an actual one that teaches us the methods that lead to the avoidance of errors and failures. You can find more about this way of life in our Tao Practice in the Day to Day Life email course.


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