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Taoism Practice (What is This?)

If you ask a common man what it means to practice Taoism you will find that you have to go to the church, pray to God, bring sacrifices, fast and participate in certain rituals. This is nothing new because it does not differ from what is happening in any church like the Christian one.

Yet we still know a path called tao-chia (the school of uniting one with the Tao), which has nothing to do with a religious system but is inspired by the writings of ancient masters called Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, and is mainly based on the practice of nondoing and emptiness.

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Some may know what these terms mean but do not know how to practice what they designate. We might ask: "are they really practices"?

You can ask this question because you are aware of the meaning of the word "practice" as it is understood in our modern schools, referring to a kind of development of intellectual skills and knowledge. Indeed, we go to school to develop our intellectual aptitudes we will use at adulthood

The answer is yes and no. Yes, we can practice nondoing and emptiness and no - these practices are not related to the development of intellectual skills. Although there is something about the mind (please, don't mistake "mind" for "intellect") in these practices too.

Therefore, I was asked to write a course about these practices and especially about how you can apply the teachings of Taoism to our everyday problems. The course is already ready and addresses beginners who know nothing about Taoism. I have already provided some information about this course in our Taoism forum: https://forum.taopage.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=35.

Or you can simply register with this course to see what it's about - read more.

And one more thing: you will not find a similar course anywhere on the net because it is difficult to systematize a way of life for Western modern people starting from the obscure teachings of the ancient Taoist masters.

I hope you understand how difficult this is and also what is essential with this course: to teach a way of life inspired by the old, almost forgotten teachings.

Paper by Jhian Yang.

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