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The basic belief of Taoist adepts is that the world is continuously affected by change. Everything changes: the mores, the life requirements, the philosophy and so forth.

This belief in eternal change has an embodiment in the yin-yang concept.

The result of this belief in changes is the peculiar method of living developed by the Taoist Masters, such as Lao-tzu in his Tao-te ching.

Lao-tzu himself was interested in practice and taught the seclusion from forefront of political scene, the low profile and the nondoing (wu).

Still another way of approaching changes is by means of intuition and the I-ching oracle. Here we have two practices: one based on the cultivation of the natural intuition (the inner knowledge rising from the emptiness state) and the handling of the oracle as a method to inquire into the future.

Searching for the unity with the Tao is another expression pointing to the Taoist life cultivation skill.

The practice of emptiness is the core of Taoist teachings. When we practice the emptiness we empty our minds and disregard our wishes. This finally leads to a better adaptation to the life requirements.

More than this, it leads to the discovery of the inner, secret development of things and beings of Universe.

The handling of the oracle is also a method to cope with the everyday requirements. By inquiring the oracle, one knows in advance what the life trend will prevail, and adopts the best strategy in order to avoid failure and even premature death.

Yarrow stalks
Yarrow stalks used to inquire the oracle of changes.

The usage of the I-ching may be applied in many areas: social, politics, health and profit, war, love and even dream interpretation and psychotherapy.

Finally, the practice of nondoing (wu-wei) is also advised by the Taoist Masters.

Nondoing is a concept unknown by the Westerners. When blended with the emptiness and I-ching practices it delivers us the best technique to attain the wholeness.

No effort is required, only the intellectual understanding and the meditation upon the seeds of events.

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