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Tao and Taoism for the Modern World

What is Taoism good for in our modern world?

Water flow by Zedge

You have to admit that our life is extremely complex today. It's not just about fighting to have something to put on the table and what to wear - things that seem, at least to some, extremely problematic - but especially threats such as the pandemic. In short, the threat of premature death!

Taoism appeared in China several thousand years ago; its origin is lost in the mists of history and has to do with shamanic practices. However, as we know it today, it is not a religion like any other or a superstitious practice. Taoism is a way of life, as Alan Watts rightly called it, and extremely actual.

Taoism starts from the Tao, the primordial power of the universe and focuses on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadapting to temporary conditions.

Its image is flowing, fluid water, taking the form of the relief it crosses.

This fluidity is called wu-wei - nondoing - and is achieved through wu, meaning inner emptiness.

The Taoist disciple follows the imperatives (movement) of Heaven (Tao) in every moment of his life. And because he agrees with Heaven, he thus avoids dangerous moments, failure, and depression, to ensure a life free from stress and fear.

In this respect, the disciple uses two means: the intuition of the momentary life trends (through the practice of emptiness) and I Ching, the venerable Book of Changes, which clearly indicates the path to follow in a certain life circumstance.

Taoism is thus an extremely current practice and has first of all a pragmatic goal: to know what to do (or not to do) in any troubled (difficult) situation.

Many believe that Taoism-Tao is a religious cult such as Christianity. Or that being an intuitive discipline, it has no place in the modern, technological world. What connection could we find between android technology, for example, and Tao praxis?

We must stress here that android technology refers to things. Tao refers to the way you connect to the events of your life and does not exclude the use of gadgets of the modern world.

Android technology does not help you find your way out from a difficult situation such as a pandemic. But Tao teaches you how to avoid danger and get away with it. It is, so to speak, the SOLUTION.

There is no connection between both of them. There are two incompatible ways of looking at the world: as object or as life.

To conclude, Taoism is an ancient, constantly updated teaching, on how to consolidate your place in this world and protect yourself from unexpected.

Therefore, the civilized man can take advantage of the practice of Tao(ism) as did his ancestors, the famous Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu.

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