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Question about Facebook Ads

Are you interested in Facebook advertisement? Well, I was. I once asked oracle about my intention to start an ads campaign on Facebook for one of my public sites. I phrased my question like: What is your opinion (the oracle's) about my intention – is there any profit to me?

I received as answer the hexagram 26, The Taming Power of the Great, with one changing line on the second place. The advice that the oracle assigned to this line is very direct and easily understandable:

__  __
__  __

The second nine undivided, shows a carriage with the strap under it removed.

That is, stop advancing.

Here's James Legge's commentary on this line:

    Line 2 is liable to the repression of 5, and stops its advance of itself, its subject having the wisdom to do so through its position in the central place. The strap below, when attached to the axle, made the carriage stop; he himself acts that part.

This hexagram changes to 22, Grace (adornment). Here's the Judgment:

__  __
__  __
__  __

    Pi [the Chinese name of the hexagram] indicates that there should be free course (in what it denotes). There will be little advantage (however) if it be allowed to advance (and take the lead). (Legge)

What's more here to be said? The entire idea of advertising with Facebook is but a kind of adornment (nothing serious) - therefore little advantage for me!

Paper by Sarah Cole

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