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Master Lu's Sayings (continued)

The Heavenly Master

Master Lu said: For common people Taoists are not Taoists. If they are, then the Taoists are not Taoists.

Explanation: When the Taoist disciple works in the public sphere he/she doesn't differ from other people who don't follow the Tao. It seems there's no real difference between Taoists and common people. One should have a great deal of experience with the Tao in order to notice de difference. But if one notices a difference without having any personal experience with the Tao, then he/she doesn't have to do with a Taoist disciple but with a common person.


Master Lu said: Eyes can't tell the truth.

Explanation: The same like the above; you don't have to believe your eyes.


Questions about Tao and Nature

Q: Are Tao and Nature the same thing?
A: Tao is a natural thing but it is not nature itself. Nature is the subject of the Tao. Every living thing in this universe is subject to the Tao.

Q: I mean when one follows the Tao is he/she following the simplicity and purity of nature?
A: Not necessary. Today people, living in huge industrial cities, are not following nature. But this is also subject to the Tao. Everything in this universe is subject to the Tao.

Q: Ancient Taoists used to talk about Tao in connection with water. That is, they said Tao is like water or one who follows the Tao should behave like water. What is the meaning of this statement?
A : Water and Tao have one common feature: they are ever changing phenomena. Being like water means one have to be changeable like water and thus emulating the Tao.


The Greatest Enemies

Master Lu said: Good and bad are the two poles of the common ethics as you can call them the core of everything human... Still there's no greatest enemy for the person who follows the Tao than these two. If one starts searching for the Greatest Lord, he must stop thinking of  things in terms of good and bad. But, you may ask: "What if I lose the guidance of the good-bad couple? Who'll guide me then?" The answer is: "Tao will guide you". Go straight to him and ask: "What if I..."?

Sayings and dialogues collected by Jhian and published for the first time on this site. Comments by Jhian.

Living in Tao
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