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Here we list several well-known Taoist symbols. Some of these symbols are borrowed from the I-ching. More about several symbols may be found by reading the articles related to them.


Yin-Yang dyagram - the most important Taoist symbol related to the Tao.


Pa-kua - the eight trigrams - the basic building elements of  I-ching hexagrams (click to enlarge)

I-ching coin

The I-ching coin - three coins are used to consult the oracle


Kua - also called hexagram, made of six continuous or/and broken lines.


Fu-hsi - the Chinese cultural hero, the creator of eight pa-kua (click to enlarge)


The sacred tortoise - symbol of immortality -  with pa-kua on its back.

The Dragon, symbol of the Yang power or the Sage.

Buddha, Confucius, Lao-tzu

The three sages - Buddha, Confucius and Lao-tzu (click to enlarge)


Te - usually translated  characteristics, virtue or power (of Tao) - graph


Wang-Wu or the ten-thousand graph, meaning all the creatures and things in the Universe

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