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What is Fu?

Fu is one of the basic Taoist concepts. It means returning, that is, returning to the beginnings, to the roots.

We find it in Tao-te ching, chapter 16, where is related to the fate of all of the things and beings in the universe: they born and flourish and finally perish.

It is also a feature of the Tao itself, which proceeds through returning.

In I-ching, Fu is the tag of the Hexagram 24. There, the meaning of the term is alternation or cyclic movement of the course of nature

Hexagram 24 - Fu

Hexagram Fu
The light, symbolized by the first yang line on bottom of the hexagram is returning and begins its ascension up to the top of the hexagram, removing the yin, dark, lines

Contemplation of the fate of things and beings leads one to illumination and, what is worth, to the preservation of his life.

More about this startling concept may be found in our Level 1 of the Taoism initiation course.


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