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Knowing the future is a must for the Taoist disciples.

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Don't know how to do this?

By consulting the I-ching, the ancient Chinese oracle of changes.


What is Taoism

Lao-tzu, father of Taoism pictureEverything happening in the Universe is directed by the Tao, the Great Pervader.

That's why it is important to be in accord with the Great Principle in order to avoid loss and suffering, even preserve your life.

This ideal is achieved by developing a way of life based on the careful observation of natural trends revealed by the constant use of the oracle of changes (I-ching).

This way of life is called Taoism

The principles of Taoism were defined by Lao-tzu in his famous Tao-te ching. This work inspired a suite of disciples such as Chuang-tzu, who amplified and exemplified the basic concepts.

Taoism also proposes specific meditation techniques that aim, among other things, to emotional detachment and the preservation of vital energy.

Taoism is a common practice today even though its origins lie several thousand years ago.

Here we study Taoism both as wisdom and practice.

Online courses

Many of the essential aspects of Taoism can be studied online through our dedicated courses for beginners. These courses are unique on the Internet as they are not limited to a purely theoretical approach. For more details and insight visit the course page here.

We also wrote a series of articles that deepen some of the topics dealt with on this site. More details in the papers section.

New articles

Below is the list of the new issues (more will be available soon, so we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter here):

    -> About the Realization of Celestial Mind - paper commenting on the teachings of a Tao master. Click here to learn more.

    -> Wu-Wei explained - paper dealing with this basic concept may be found here.

    -> I-ching Dictionary (PDF) - Explains the basic terms in plain words. Click here to learn more.

Quotes - Alan Watts on Alan Watts - perhaps the best Western author dealing with TaoismTaoism.
Certain Chinese philosophers writing in, perhaps, the -5th and -4th centuries, explained ideas and a way of life that have come to be known as Taoism - the way of man's cooperation with the course or trend of the natural world... [more quotes here].

 What If?

What if there's no separation,
What if "I" has fallen for its lie,
What if ignorance lead it astray,
What if there's no me to die?

What if every-thing's been provided,
What if all is shared,
What if no false identities,
What if nature truly cared?

What if no words spoken,
What if no sound,
What if stillness I AM,
What if in Presence IT found?

What if "I" let's go completely,
What if there's no me,
What if ALL IS one being,
What if only Truth could be?


Master Lu's Sayings

Question: What does Taoism teach us about time?

Master Lu: Time as cosmic event or lifetime?

Q: Time as lifetime.

M L: Nothing. Taoism is not interested in time or things related to the flow of time. Time and the experience of time are part of life. They are elements of life such as breathing or nutrition. They can not be avoided nor should be avoided. Time is accepted as such no matter what we feel about it individually. Read more...

Read the article written by Jhian

The three Sages: Lao-tzu, Buddha and ConfuciusIf you ask an ordinary man what it means to practice Taoism, you will find that you have to go to the church, pray to God, bring sacrifices, fast and participate in certain rituals. This is nothing new because it does not differ from what is happening in any church like the Christian one. Read more...

More: Master Lu - Hui Neng

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